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Monday, June 21, 2010

My IELTS Result..

Last Friday was a day full with surprise and expectation. 1) My IELTS result was announced on that day 2) My PIL came to visit us and we went to family wedding at Tg. Bidara on the next day.

About the IELTS result, I was so nervous the whole week waiting for the result. I just wish to pass the exam, not aiming flying colours at all coz I ukur baju dekat badan I yang gemuk ni.. Tak yah la berangan nak pakai kebaya kan? As long as I don’t need to reseat the exam dah syukur sangat2. I couldn’t imagine to pay another few hundred MYR for the exam and to sacrifice my family time again for IELTS. Itu je yang saya doa siang malam. Hopefully I did my best for the first time and face it only once. For me, to get 6.5 in IELTS is not as easy as what other people told me. There's one person I know passes her IELTS with band 7 without attending any preparation course nor did any exercise. A girl like me who worry too much, brought a test book (like I mentioned before in this entry) and went to British Council a day before the test date to try few listening tests. I did few reading tests (from the book) and tried to follow the time limit just to fit myself in the exam situation. I managed to get in between band 6 to 7 for the reading exercise and finally I got 7 for the actual result. As for the writing and speaking, I just read few samples of good essays and try to familiarize the speaking test format provided in the test book.

FYI readers, IELTS (International English Language Testing System) comprises of 4 sections: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. IELTS is not a test that we can pass or fail. Assessment is measured based on band 1-9. Candidates are assessed with different band scale for each section and will be given an overall band score. Let say, you get Band 6 for Reading, 7-Writing, 7.5-Listening and 6.5-Speaking, you’ll most probably get 6.5 for the overall score. There is no written formula on how the examiners/system calculate the overall band score and it is not exactly the average marks of those 4 tests.

IELTS is divided into 2 main types: General and Academic. General IELTS is one of the requirements for migration or working in English speaking countries while Academic IELTS as it name is for those who intent to study in any institution with English as a medium. Since I’m now in the midst of applying a scholarship to pursue my masters degree (Insyaallah kalau berjaya), passing the Academic IELTS test with minimum score of 6.5 is one of the requirement for the interview. So, Alhamdulillah, my IELTS result allows me to proceed to the interview Isyaallah (there are few more steps ahead). Out of that 4 sections, the least scored was on my writing..hehe..Obviously u guys can see it through my writing in this blog..haha.. I only scored 6.5 for it...But thanks god, it was more than enough coz I’m afraid and too worry if it drops to 6 or 5.5. I pretty sure that I lose marks for my 2nd essay writing since I failed to organize my time fairly for the first essay which carried less marks compared to the second task. For those who would like to know my actual score and would like to know more about IELTS, please email me. Bukannye apa, saya tak de la tere mana so segan le nak habaq kat satu dunia result saya..

In general, I pass the minimum IELTS requirement of 6.5 as part of the fulfilment of the scholarship that I am now applying, in detail - 6.5 for writing (the lowest score out of 4 sections), and band 7 for reading (not the highest).

Some did ask me whether to register IELTS through IDP or British Council. I hope I may share my POV on this soon. However, some said that the result will be better through IDP especially for the speaking test. For me, I personally feel that it doesn’t work that way. Even though with the unfriendly face and strong English accent, the Canadian examiner gave me good marks for the speaking test (which was beyond my expectation) :-) I siap mintak dia ulang one time (dok pehe dia ghoyak ape) and ada la jugak terblur sekejap (2 secs maybe) carik point to talk about the issue which was given on the spot. One of the tips on speaking test, don’t ask the examiner to repeat the questions so often and minimize silence and a kind like –uuhhh-aaaa-mmm-oooo....sound. It will drop your score from 7 or 6 to 5.5.. Make sure you construct full sentences and put the stops necessarily. In other words, jangan cakap sekerat2, nak tambah ayat suka2 hati tanpa pk dulu apa nak cakap. One more thing, do not repeat the same words over and over or begin each sentence with the same style eg. “My name is Balkis. I live in Keramat. I am 30 years old.. I this.. I that...” semua start dengan I.. then “Yes, no yes no all the time”..They will trap u with the question like “do you agree with...” or “some say that ..., is it true?” Normally we tend to answer just yes or no..So here, elaboration or explanation is expected for your "yes" or "no".  

Ok la, that’s my little sharing on IELTS, will write more in future u guys like it. Wish me luck for the next step ya..The interview..Sumwhere in July.Cheers!!