Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are You Moist Enough?

Before I left for Amsterdam 2 weeks ago, I saw Nuffnang advertisement on Celebration of Amazing Skin by Vaseline which will be held at Luna Bar on 2nd October 2010. Luna Bar is one of top 10 rooftop bars in the world. I'm impressed with the recognition when I googgled about Luna Bar and it makes me so eager to experience the fascinating night views of KL city from there. 

Luna Bar, KL

Nuffnag contest prizes as usual are fabulous and this time, Vaseline "Are You Moist Enough?" contest offers:

A pair of invites to the poolside party for 75 best written blog posts, with the goodies bags for the winners:
    • Best Written Blog Posts
      • 1st Prize - RM3,000 cash + Vaseline products
      • 2nd Prize - RM2,000 cash + Vaseline products
      • 3rd Prize - RM1,000 cash + Vaseline products
      • 5x Consolation Prizes - RM200 cash + Vaseline products
    • Prizes for games and lucky draws AND
    • Coach Handbag worth RM2,000 for female blogger with "The Most Vibrant Skin" 
For that, here I am after return home from Germany (jet lag some more, still couldn't sleep on time), writing about Vaseline products and I'm going to tell you guys if I'm moist enough.

Will my skin become dry and itchy every time I exposed to cold and dry weather? 

This time, I didn't allow it to happen again like those nightmares I encountered during past overseas trips. I wrote about it here and below are some of them:
"....masuk hari ke tiga (ketika di Jepun dalam musin sejuk), saya rasa seluruh badan saya gatal2 dan kering. Saya tak tahu kenapa tapi sangat gatal dan sampai luka2 sebab saya asyik garu. Then bila saya dah balik Malaysia, baru la saya tau saya allegic wool. Both my long john and socks are 100% wool. Amik ko padan muke, tu la tak menyiasat dulu..main beli je.
....BUT now, after knowing myself yang allegic 100% wool, and knowing that Berlin masih sangat sejuk walaupun dah nak masuk spring (between -2 to 2^c), saya beli socks baru mix wool ngan apa saya tak ingat (but not 100% macam yang dulu), dan beli satu sweater baru, gloves, muffler semua dah ada.
..DAN hari ini hari ketiga saya di Berlin, saya dah kegatalan...."

Then, I wrote another entry about Vaseline petroleum gel which solved the problem. Thanks for the comments and advices from my blogger friends too.
"...ini la gamba Vaseline petroleum gel..Best gak pakai sejuk je..tunggu lagi satu dua hari ye saya tengok kesannya macam mana..
..Saya gak dah start mandi air tak panas macam nasihat Dr. Fauziah..cume gatal2 tu dah mula nak luka sbb saya masih ada garu2 lagi..hehe..harap2 ok la pasni.."
 The petroleum gel was bought in Berlin, Germany on March 2010
The rest were from Malaysia and I brought them all to Europe with me

Because of these Vaseline products, my skin maintain its moisture level throughout the trip and I did not experienced dry or itchy skin like before.  I consistently applied the petroleum gel (as much as I can) on my skin (from feet up to the tights and both hands up to the elbows) 2 -3 times a day. Then, I locked the moisture with Vaseline Aloe Fresh Hydrating Body Lotion. It left nice smell too. Lastly, I put on some Vaseline Healthy Hand and Nail Conditioning to protect nails and skin surrounding or underneath them from dryness.

Please do not try these 3 steps in Malaysia ya. Dengan petroleum gel tu kalau you apply kat kulit, pastu berpeluh2, sure you menyesal melekit dan berminyak2. I tak jamin ok. 

Kalau kat negara sejuk, kita tak berpeluh, that is why I letak petroleum gel berkoyan2 kat badan. Here in tropical weather, lotion alone is enough. But, it must be a good one like Vaseline's. I did try other brands before but they did not work as best as Vaseline. Not bodek but it's true. Otherwise, I didn't bring them for my Europe trip. Dry and itchy skin is a serious matter and I only bring the best solution with me to make sure that I only think about hectic work schedule not  a silly dry and itchy skin problem again.

Since I am one of the victim of dry and itchy skin due to lack of skin moisture, let me share with you some of the the tips from Harap2 you all tak jadi macam I yang kekeringan bile ke luar negara di musim sejuk atau panas yang extreme.

Seasonal Dry Skin Tips
The environment and the seasons have a lot to answer for when it comes to dry skin. Here are some of our easy to follow tips for both hot and cold weather.
  1. In cold weather: Aim for a comfortable level of humidity indoors. Too much heat or air conditioning can rob your skin of moisture. A container of water on radiators will help increase humidity. 
  2. Wear gloves: Protecting your hands from the cold air will help prevent loss of moisture.
  3. Avoid irritating materials: Wool keeps you warm in winter, but can feel rough on sensitive, dry skin. Try a thin cotton layer between you and your sweater to keep your skin more comfortable. Stick to cotton or microfibre socks. I'm a kind allergic to 100% wool. This tips is very true for me. 
  4. Keep hand cream handy: Always have a tube of hand cream in your bag, car or at your desk for regular application 2 or 3 times a day.  Yup.. I totally agree with this one. I did that too.
Here are my photos with healthy and moist skin as healthy and moist as baby's skin


or without Makeup

Me and my baby, Izz Dhani
See..Our skin tone are almost the same. 
Mine are flawless and moist as his. Agree or not? :-) 
Ok guys, those who wish to share  your "Are You Moist Enough" story, please do so quick. Deadline is 1st Oct 2010 and please visit for further info. Who knows, we can share a story on the invites to Vaseline celebration event at the Luna Bar, witnessing sunset by the poolside bar, and meeting Yuna, Kuah Jenhan and Jojo Stuys in person. Jangan menyesal nanti, bertindak segera !!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

English Garden

Saya sangat suka akan bunga2 segar dan rumput menghijau di taman ini.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Jet Lag lagi

Have you experienced Jet Lag?

Wikepedia says...

Jet lag, medically referred to as "desynchronosis," is a physiological condition which is a consequence of alterations to circadian rhythms; it is classified as one of the circadian rhythm sleep disorders. Jet lag results from rapid long-distance transmeridian (east-west or west-east) travel, as on a jet plane.

The condition of jet lag may last many days, and recovery rates of 1 day per eastward time zone or 1 day per 1.5 westward time zones are mentioned as fair guidelines. This is my second day. So suppose esok dah baik.:-)

Selalunya saya tak jet lag teruk. Paling tidak pun hari balik tu je saya belasah tido pengsan tak hengat. But this time, yesterday I slept from 10am-4.00pm. Zuhur gajah, then lapa tak lunch, makan sikit. Kol 6 boleh I tido balik sampai dekat magrib time hubby balik kerja.

Lepas balik dating (berdua tanpa ada gangguan dinasour kecil), sampai rumah dekat kol 1am, saya masih segar bugar (ye la time tu baru kol 7pm, Germany time). Saya tido kol 4am (Malaysia time) dan bangun 10am tadi. Konon2 nak g ofis, slamat bos tak call. So now blogging sambil pump (bm semakin merudum..malas pump punya pasal time kat Holland/Germany). Memang dah mintak cuti hari ni coz nak balik kg lepas semayang Jumaat nak amik Dhani. Cuma smalam kata ngan bos saya akan datang kalau bos nak wat discussion coz esok boss outstation pulak. So phone tak de misscall or sms. Tu la pengsan tak hengat kot. Tak de gangguan. Tak alarm pulak.

Selalunya time sampai ke destination tak jet lag sangat, tapi bile balik M'sia baru jet lag sket. This time teruk pulak. Saya rasa saya jet lag teruk sket this time sebab kureng sihat. Batuk dan selesema dan bila nak landing smalam, saya sakit telinga yang amat. Ye la effect graviti lebih sket dari biasa mungkin sebab selesema. So balancing out terus. 

Saya google dan here are some info on jet lag:

What are other symptoms of jet lag?

Besides fatigue and insomnia, a jet lag sufferer may experience anxiety, constipation,diarrhea, confusion, dehydration, headache, irritability, nausea, sweating, coordination problems, and even memory loss. Some individuals report additional symptoms, such as heartbeat irregularities and increased susceptibility to illness.

What is a time zone?

A time zone is a geographical region which has the same time everywhere within it. The world has 24 time zones, one for each hour in the day. Each zone runs from north to south in strips that are approximately 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) wide. (The actual width of each zone varies to accommodate political and geographical boundaries.) As the earth rotates, dawn occurs at a set hour in one time zone, then an hour later in the time zone immediately to the west and so on through the 24-hour cycle. Thus, in the U.S., when it is 6 a.m. in the Eastern Time Zone, it is 5 a.m. in the Central Zone, 4 a.m. in the Mountain Zone, and 3 a.m. in the Pacific Zone.

Why does jet lag occur?

The cause of jet lag is the inability of the body of a traveler to immediately adjust to the time in a different zone. Thus, when a New Yorker arrives in Paris at midnight Paris time, his or her body continues to operate on New York time. As the body struggles to cope with the new schedule, temporary insomnia, fatigue, irritability, and an impaired ability to concentrate may set in. The changed bathroom schedule may cause constipation or diarrhea, and the brain may become confused and disoriented as it attempts to juggle schedules.

How does the body keep time?

A tiny part of the brain called the hypothalamus acts like an alarm clock to activate various body functions such as hunger, thirst, and sleep. It also regulates body temperature, blood pressure, and the level of hormones and glucose in the bloodstream. To help the body tell the time of day, fibers in the optic nerve of the eye transmit perceptions of light and darkness to a timekeeping center within the hypothalamus. Thus, when the eye of an air traveler perceives dawn or dusk many hours earlier or later than usual, the hypothalamus may trigger activities that the rest of the body is not ready for, and jet lag occurs.

What are the best ways to cope with jet lag?

The following are 12 tips to help travelers minimize the effects of jet lag.

Tip 1: Stay in shape

If you are in good physical condition, stay that way. In other words, long before you embark, continue to exercise, eat right, and get plenty of rest. Your physical stamina and conditioning will enable you to cope better after you land. If you are not physically fit, or have a poor diet, begin shaping up and eating right several weeks before your trip. I memang out la no 1 ni..Tak excercise langsung, makan sembarangan je

Tip 2: Get medical advice

If you have a medical condition that requires monitoring (such as diabetes or heart disease), consult your physician well in advance of your departure to plan a coping strategy that includes medication schedules and doctor's appointments, if necessary, in the destination time zone. Tak la seserious ni rasanya. 

Tip 3: Change your schedule

If your stay in the destination time zone will last more than a few days, begin adjusting your body to the new time zone before you leave. For example, if you are traveling from the U.S. to Europe for a one-month vacation, set your daily routine back an hour or more three to four weeks before departure. Then, set it back another hour the following week and the week after that. Easing into the new schedule gradually in familiar surroundings will save your body the shock of adjusting all at once. Tak sempat la nak adjust. Keje je hari2.

Tip 4: Avoid alcohol

Do not drink alcoholic beverages the day before your flight, during your flight, or the day after your flight. These beverages can cause dehydration, disrupt sleeping schedules, and trigger nausea and general discomfort. Yes I did..Of coursela kan..

Tip 5: Avoid caffeine

Likewise, do not drink caffeinated beverages before, during, or just after the flight. Caffeine can also cause dehydration and disrupt sleeping schedules. What's more, caffeine can jangle your nerves and intensify any travel anxiety you may already be feeling. No I didn't. Caffeine maniac. Dalam flight tak le tido mintak kopi, teh segala sambil baca Vampire Diaries :-)

Tip 6: Drink water

Drink plenty of water, especially during the flight, to counteract the effects of the dry atmosphere inside the plane. Consider taking your own water aboard the airplane if allowed. Ini I buat. Dah habit minum air banyak. Asyik mintak mineral water je. Mesti cabin crew menyampah ngan orang yang tido cume 2 jam macam I.

Tip 7: Move around on the plane

While seated during your flight, exercise your legs from time to time. Move them up and down and back and forth. Bend your knees. Stand up and sit down. Every hour or two, get up and walk around. Do not take sleeping pills, and do not nap for more than an hour at a time.

These measures have a twofold purpose. First, they reduce your risk of developing ablood clot in the legs. Research shows that long periods of sitting can slow blood movement in and to the legs, thereby increasing the risk of a clot. The seat is partly to blame. It presses against the veins in the leg, restricting blood flow. Inactivity also plays a role. It decelerates the movement of blood through veins. If a clot forms, it sometimes breaks loose and travels to the lungs, lodges in an artery, and inhibits blood flow. The victim may experience pain and breathing problems and cough up blood. If the clot is large, the victim could die. Second, remaining active, even in a small way, revitalizes and refreshes your body, wards off stiffness, and promotes mental and physical acuity which can ease the symptoms of jet lag. I did. Gi smayang, gie pump..borak2 dengan wife pilot dan stewardess yang tengah layan bb dia yang tak mo diam.
Tip 8: Break up your trip

On long flights traveling across eight, 10, or even 12 time zones, break up your trip, if feasible, with a stay in a city about halfway to your destination. For example, if you are traveling from New York to Bombay, India, schedule a stopover of a few days in Dublin or Paris. (At noon in New York, it is 5 p.m. in Dublin, 6 p.m. in Paris, and 10:30 p.m. in Bombay.) Maap tak boleh. Office arrange itinerary.

Tip 9: Wear comfortable shoes and clothes

On a long trip, how you feel is more important than how you look. So, wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Avoid items that pinch, restrict, or chafe. When selecting your trip outfit, keep in mind the climate in your destination time zone. Dress for your destination. Yup. I siap ada flight socks lagi. Konon2 ada air circulation segala.

Tip 10: Check your accommodations

Upon arrival, if you are staying at a hotel, check to see that beds and bathroom facilities are satisfactory and that cooling and heating systems are in good working order. If the room is unsuitable, ask for another. I'm not that choosy. Orang arrangge I ok je semua.

Tip 11: Adapt to the local schedule

The sooner you adapt to the local schedule, the quicker your body will adjust. Therefore, if you arrive at noon local time (but 6 a.m. your time), eat lunch, not breakfast. During the day, expose your body to sunlight by taking walks or sitting in outdoor cafes. The sunlight will cue your hypothalamus to reduce the production of sleep-inducing melatonin during the day, thereby initiating the process of resetting your internal clock. Tak selalunya boleh. Kerja beb bukan bercuti.

Tip 12: Use sleeping medications wisely—or not at all

Try to establish sleeping patterns without resorting to pills. However, if you have difficulty sleeping on the first two or three nights, it's okay to take a mild sedative if your physician has prescribed one. But wean yourself off the sedative as soon as possible. Otherwise, it could become habit-forming. Yup. I tak amik ubat apa pun. Tido je sampai recovered from jet lag.

So, bye for now. See you next week. I tengah draft cite Germany/Holland lagi ni. Saba yek.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Leaving Suttgart and hope to come back one day

Now 6.20am, Germany time and i'm ready to fly back to my beloved Malaysia Truly Asia. A place where I belong even though I did not know whether that little boy miss me as much as i do. Mak kata dia dah bulat gemok coz makan banyak and kuat susu..Luckily the other 'boy' will be waiting for me at home since he will reach home from Singapore around the same time. So we both can spend time together before the little one conquer me..hehe..

See u soon with more stories on Germany, readers.. Stay tune!!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vredenburg Market in Utrecht

Here are some photos of one of our favourite activities in Utrecht, Netherland. Window shopping at Pasar Siang or flea market at Vredenburg, Utrecht. It is near to Utrecht Central Station and just a walking distance to the shopping area in Utrecht city. It is a must visit spot for tourists.

This market opens at 9am - 5pm everyday. We went there everyday for 3 days in the row but only managed to shop with all shops open on the last day since we are rushing for an assignment nearby the market for the first 2 days, and some of the shops are so lembab tak hengat bukak kol 9am lebihMacam le kitorang tak kerja.

Seafood stall
Selling deep fried fish, seafood and also fresh seafood

Left side for deep fried seafood, on the right is fresh seafood

Good concept if we had this kind at our pasar malam
macam stall yong tau foo gitu

This fish without chips is for 1.50 euro..
don't convert to RM please. Otherwise u mati kelaparan kat Europe ni.
tartar sauce for 50 cent.

Crazy for cheese??

 I grabbed  3 packs of mozzarella for 1.50 euro each and 
Parmesan for 3 euro (200gm)..can we get that price in Malaysia?
That cheese price we can convert ya..They  are so expensive in Malaysia
Tak saba ni nak buat pizza.. I'll share u the outcome nanti yek!!

Fruits stall

I didn't have blackberry (the canggih phone)
But this blackberry I brought for 4.50 euro/2 packs
Mixed : Blackberry and raspberry

tak cukup duit la..tak beli :-(

Vege stall

Bread and cakes

This market is not selling food only. They are same like our pasar malam where you can find cloths, toys, and other household items. They sell shoes and bags too.

More story in Amsterdam and Frankfurt to be posted soon. I even brought tulip bulbs for my mom's garden. Boleh hidup ka?? dunno but the seller said it can grow in Asian weather too. Boleh caya ke? Lets the experts do the job.  My mom siap ada tanam strawberry kat kampung tau (kat dalam pasu je, bukan ladang strawberry ye). Cuma belum boleh harvest lagi..So why not tulip this time? Flowers at Amsterdam flower market are so so beautiful. I'll share the picas soon. Till then, bye..

Sunday, September 19, 2010

@ Utrecht, the Netherlands

I'm actually now in Frankfurt and we left Utrecht, this morning. We had a great first experience travelling by train from Amsterdam to Frankfurt. Siap tersalah station ok!!! Instead of Frankfurt Main Station, we stopped at Frankfurt Airport Station (I can't remember the name, sorry but the one at Frankfurt airport la..) Luckily, one kind man helped us to catch another train to Frankfurt main terminal. I dun really care about finding way back to the track coz i've been there before so tak le cuak gile..but bags gile berat ok..patah pinggang and bahu gue berjalan dengan beg tu semua. Konon tak mau amik flight nak experience naik train..amik ko!!! It is not so practical to travel with numbers of luggages by train. Flying is the best way. But i still love the experience. Tengok lembu2, sungai2 cantik, budak2 high school main bola etc. The countryside scenery is so beautiful. Same goes to the cottage and farm along the way from Manchester to London with few stops at the outlets (again I can't remember their names). I love that so much..

Anyway, we flashed back to Utrecht ya readers..Here below are some of the photos of Utrecht city, in the Netherlands.

Actually all these photos show the same thing..bicycle!!! It is a trend for them to cycle everywhere. They commute by train to other cities with the bicycles too. I admire the bicycle for mom and baby the most. This one is also cute and give more room to the babies as well as to cover them from the cold wind outside.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hola from Holland

Hai semua. Selamat hari raya. Saya kini beraya di perantauan. Tak raya mood raya pun sebab dah sibuk kerja hari2. I'm here in Holland, Utrecht and Amsterdam to be axect for about 4 days and will continue the journey to Frankfurt this Saturday.

Semalam petang lepas kerja kami jalan2 skit tapi kedai2 semua dah nak tutup. Hari ini konon2 nak jalan2 lagi. Apa yang saya noticed semalam ada kedai jual perfume murah coz dapat diskaun dekat 25%. I'm eying for Jdore and wishing to buy a new type which i never tried before Lancome Maqnifique.. Sangat best. Ada sesapa nak kirim perfume?

Okla, just a short psot.  We are leaving early today coz today is the d-day, and we have a special task this noon All the preparation for the big boss need to be done as early as 9am today. Please note that now is 705am (Utrecht time) and I'm ready for breakfast.


p/s : Dhani and papa..Mama miss u so much...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Raya ke-2 dah balik KL?

Kami ni dah sampai KL..sungguh bosan dan lengang. Raya kedua tak ramai orang dah balik. Kami bukannye dah balik raya ye, cuma transit. Dari Utara ke Selatan, balik rumah di Central dulu, tido2 dulu, basuh baju dulu baru sambung journey ke Selatan di pagi raya ketiga..

By the way, ni gamba Dhani before kami balik KL, Dhani takut kumbang tanduk..

Can u see the kumbang tanduk?

tu je yang keluar dari mulut Dhani

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Raya @ Utara

Selamat hari raya semua...Here are some of the handsome boy raya pics..

tengokle cara Dhani pakai songkok tu..
This is the only moment Dhani nak pakai sampin dan songkok
Tak sampai 10 minit

Sudah togel..
sebok nangis2 nak pegi masjid
Ni gamba kat luar masjid

Masjid Badawi, Kepala Batas
Pak Lah ada semayang raya pagi tu..

With the cousins
Muka toye Dhani baru bangun tido
sampai gamba family pun dia tido je..Tak cun langsung

Again with the cousins
Asyik lari2 je ikut budak2 besar
Dhani tak pandai buat "peace"..haha

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last day at work before raya holiday

I just hope that my last day at work before raya will not end up to 10pm. Sebab hubby dah cop balik lambat and aktiviti mentapau param akan dijalankan hari ini. Yesterday, Dhani almost join the babysitter's family break fast. I reached there just a few minutes before the break fast time. Tak dapat nak bayang kalau dia buat huru hara bukak posa kat umh orang macam selalu kat rumah sendiri.

I wish to wake up earlier for sahur and to finish some office work, tibe2 terkejut tengok dah kol 415am. I wish for 330am..huhu.. So now after menghabiskan dekat 15 minit blogging, I need to say good bye sekejap to the blog readers, Selamat Hari Raya and Maaf Zahir Batin. Semoga dapat blogging di kampung, Insyaallah..

Happy holiday all and drive safely.

Is there anyone from Amsterdam and Frankfurt willingly to be my tourist guide after raya? Kalau UK ramai gak kawan2 blog ye dak?? This next overseas trip is actually one of my huru-raya things at work lately. Orang sebok nak raya, kitorang ni sebok nak arrange pasal keje ni. My other colleague will depart for Macau at about the same time with me, so there arrangement is like hell ok. Double bonus for raya. Macau and Europe. And myself look like macam orang tak nak raya sampai urusan amik baju raya pun I sub kat my colleague, Hanis. Jadi ke Hanis K.Ses the favourite tailor anta baju hari ni. Harap2 cantik le baju kita. 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sirap bandung ganti susu

Rasa kesian pulak dekat Dhani pagi tadi time sahur. Tengah saya nak minum air sirap bandung (balance bukak posa malam tadi), Dhani bangun. Nak susu la tu.. Saya bawak cawan bandung tu kat dhani konon2 nak minum sambil bf die. Tiba2 Dhani nak minum air bandung tu, bukan sikit sampai lebih separuh mug, dekat sebotol botol susu kecik la kot.. Sedih tak dapat le saya menikmati bandung tu. Tinggal sikit je Dhani minum.

Lepas minum, Dhani terus baring semula, bf kejap je dah tertidur semula. Kesian dia. Mesti dia haus nak susu, tibe2 minum bandung, sedap kot sampai tak bf. Rasa macam tak de khasiat pulak budak ni minum susu manis je, gula je lebih. Teringat saya ada cerita orang kampung yang miskin, tapi tak bf anak, tak de duit nak beli bf hanya kasik anak susu manis dan teh walaupun susu pekat manis tu tak sesuai untuk bayi.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Takut nak cuti raya...

Tak sampai seminggu nak raya tapi semakin hari makin rasa sesak nafas setiap kali pergi kerja. Too many things to settle before raya holiday. Hari bekerja tinggal 3 hari dan rayaku belum tentu aman kerana orang M'sia cuti, counterpart nun jauh kat oversea tu bekerja kan?

Itulah alasan saya tak update blog dan juga blogwalking ye. Semoga la weekend ini lebih aman tanpa gangguan2 ntah pape and will continue crack head on Monday. Huhu..pening, sakit perut (ni betol mak kata sakit perut stress)..and this week not much iftar menu yang dimasak. Only yesterday : Sup tulang with nasi and telur yummy  and today insyaallah Mee Hailam..Looking forward to cook nasi berlauk (taktau lagi lauk apa) or Laksa and roti jala  with chicken curry for tomorrow (bakal adik ipar nak datang umah carefully ye Mimi..). De Belanga iftar with hubby's officemate on Sunday. Menu next week?? Tak nampak masa depan lagi..huhu..standby param kot. Mana tau balik keje kol 10..hehe..minta dijauhkanla..

p/s: We are going to have a great supper aka moreh tonite, kambing golek dengar2nya..cendol my fav jugak..syok le kawasan kejiranan kami ni..ramai orang kaya kot suke menderma. Mana tak nye hubby (yang lately dah jadi geng surau) kata, rata2 kalau borak pasal keta, diorang pakai wish, estima la, kalau tengok email add company gempak2 jugak diorang ni..I and hubby kasik gmail je. low profile konon :-)

Satu yang saya puji, diorang kaya tak kedekut dan masih sudi mengimarahkan surau walaupun rata2 somebody dalam organisasi masing2, walaupun sekangkang kera je surau nye tapi ada aircond..I like!!! Tak de la peluh jagung bertarawih. Ada ke developer peduli nak buat surau besar2 kan??