Thursday, August 27, 2009

We are same in many ways

  1. We are 1st son of a uni-friend
  2. Our mum (mama and mummy) work in same sector (formerly at the same organization but now no more..but still in the same sector)
  3. We are born in January 2009 (little boy in white shirt born on Jan 2nd, boy in green/cream shirt on Jan 1st
  4. We both live in high rise home (papa green/cream shirt boy said "anak tak jadi athlete"..but we cannot afford to buy landed property yet)
  5. Both of us a KLian and our mum are Johorian
  6. Both our aunties are studying in UiTM Shah Alam
  7. Last but not least, in this pic we are both sleeping after having fun but tiring swimming session..not just two of us but also with a little girl who slept in the other room (bukan muhrim tak boleh tido dengan 2 teruna ni..hehe)..thats why she is not in this pic.
  8. the most important similarity..both our name start with Izz..what a coincident?

Baby and Toddler Healthy Eating Planner

This book was introduced by my friend Intan during my visit to her house about a month ago.. Hers is actually “Baby healthy eating planner”. Right after we step out from her house, we went to MPH for the book. Unfortunately it was out of stock, not just MPH but also Borders and Kinokuniya. However in Kinokuniya I found this book.. so I just brought this one. It is still the same book owned by Intan but this version extend to toddler..

What makes me so eager to have it? It does not only list out recipes for baby’s food (like other book) but also nutrition guide depending on age. Food guide is also depending on age. It provides weekly/monthly eating planner as well. Really worth buying it. So mum out there, this is one of useful guide book for “solid food beginner”. To my close friend out there, u may also glance through this book during your visit to my house..

Saya sunguh bijak

Kerana baru menceburkan diri ke little sharing space ini, maka dengan bijaknye saya telah terdelete post2 sebelum ini.

Mien: Terima kasih kerana menjadi orang pertama memberi komen. Nanti aku post la something informative for reading and sharing ya..